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RISING Industry Forum Constanta

The second RISING Industry Forum in Constanta took place on the 6th of April 2012. More than fourty participants from different organizations (national and local authorities, transport services providers, port operators, logistic services providers, maritime university, and consultants) were involved in an interactive debate on RIS services as well as the current status of the developments in the industry.

The representative of the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Mrs. Monica Patrichi, Head of the Technical Secretariat for the Danube Region, delivered a presentation on the promotion of Romanian Inland Waterways on national level based on the EU Danube Region Strategy {COM(2010) 715 final} and related Action Plan {SEC(2010) 1489 final}. She also stated the conclusions of the RIS working Group (15-16 March 2012, Vienna).

The results of the RISING project and the possibilities to use RIS were shown by Dr. Costel Stanca, RISING project manager from RIA. The main focus was on the final objectives to connect the private sector to the River Information Services in order to benefit from tools for optimizing the costs and better estimation of goods delivery. The general opinion of the auditorium was towards creating a general procedure for using the web platform and RIS without leading to a risk of a private monopole.

Latest developments on RIS implementation in Romania containing software and hardware updates was presented by Mr. Laurentiu Pricop from the Romanian Naval Authority. He presented RoRIS the Romanian RIS website which is an already working solution but still under development to bring more information with an easier access platform.

The second RISING Industry Forum held in Constanta/Romania was an outstanding success and all the participants manifested their support for the Romanian Intermodal Association. The RIS services are gaining more market share by the year and thus improving the transport infrastructure in Romania.

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