Opportunities created from RIS with special focus on logistics

What is logistics and who are the main transport and logistics actors?

The usage of River Information Services (RIS) for transport and logistics Services is briefly introduced for a number of actors:

  • Skippers
  • Fleet Managers
  • Ports and Terminal Operators
  • Forwarding Companies
  • Lock Operators

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RISING Demonstrator Cases

What are the objectives of the demonstrator cases and who are the users involved?

The RISING results will be put into operation and tested in real-life situation in all three geographical areas in the focus of the project:

  • Rhine-Scheldt
  • Danube
  • German waterway network

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RISING - Learn more...

Find out about RIS and RISING services

These five courses help you understand what RIS and RISING is all about.

  • River Information Services
  • Event Management
  • Event Management Modules
  • Voyage Planing
  • RIS Services for Transport and Logistics

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