Project Partners

The RISING Consortium comprises 23 project partners from 11 countries who come from different sectors of the industry. They are:

  • Transport operators
  • Logistics service providers
  • Port and terminal operators
  • Port information service providers
  • Research institutions
  • Software developers
  • Promotion agencies
  • RIS providers

This combination of expertise, experience and market presence will guarantee a successful implementation of RISING project activities and results.

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The regional Industry Forums and the Advisory Committee form a dissemination platform within which project partners together with external stakeholders will discuss and validate the RISING working activities and outputs.

Industry Forums


Advisory Committee

Within the RISING project, Industry Forums have been foreseen which will identify, integrate and further develop River Information Services (RIS) in order to provide adequate support to Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) and logistics operations.
In the Industry Forums, the RISING partners are reaching out to commercial enterprises, which are not project partners but stakeholders in this field. They will provide their requirements and feedbacks regarding RIS and new RIS services for transport and logistics purposes and support the dissemination of the project results and outcomes in the co-modal transport and logistics sector.
 Within the RISING project, an Advisory Committee has been foreseen which will validate and evaluate project outcomes and results from a strategic and political point of view. It is a dissemination platform which covers the European and national federations and associations - non-members of the RISING Consortium – representing the IWT and co-modal transport and logistics sector. With their general and political feedback related to European strategies, the members of the Advisory Committee will help to reflect on the RISING project trends, developments, and technologies.
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